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fucking bullshyt

after 4 yrs this motherfucker thinks he can still put his hands on.. tjings will never change with him nd myself… good get arrested yu were sooooo  putta controll.. i hate you james… a baby is something to play around with nd to hurt … hurt me not my daughter.. ugh… cracking this bottle nd consuming as much as i can until i dont feel anything !!!

a million little pieces by james frey

so im so into this book. its so raw. nd its basically abt a drug addict thats hit rock bottom nd its just basically telling this mans trip through his recovery. its the hardest thing ive had to put my self thru in a long time. its raw i repeat its moving, makes you clench your jaw wen he does ,he also repeats himself alot. constantly sayin anm an acolohic drug addict. nd the pain he feels i somehow relate. 

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